Gail Stone - I was threatened to be arrested,very rude.I am an rn I pay my bills and I will pay this

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I was called late one night by a very rude person.I have an unpaid balance of 150.00.

I am aware of the account, I have the ref # and I previosly made a payment. I am between jobs. I do not run from my debts,I am an RN ,as I said just with a setback. It is embarrasing enough,I dont't need anyone to tell me "I am going to jail for 150.00" What a rude and unprofessional person.

I hope I am never her nurse!Thank You Gail Stone ref 29686540189 Everyone should be aware of the rudeness



The statement you made "I hope I am never her nurse!" makes you look just as ruthless. Shame, shame on you!


In court as a defendant Gayle Stone is a ruthless liar.Very unprofessional Classless.

I can't believe how she conducts in a court of law.


You should contact an attorney in your area that handles FDCPA claims.


You need to check the consumer affairs website.This person "Gail Stone" apparently is threatening many like this.

You cannot go to jail for the $150.00.Remind her of the FDCPA rules.

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